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How To Boost Your Personal Productivity With Bullet Journalling

1 February 2019
In this episode, we take our first look at bullet journaling, a task management system that we've found can really help with personal productivity. Bullet journalling is a task management system that is low on process, but looks to ensure that everything you do is done with a deliberate intentionality and mindfulness. Whilst mindfulness might not be something you do every day, using mindfulness techniques to plan your day and your work results in enhanced focus, making it easier to achieve your goals.
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Achieving Success Through the "10 Year Phase" Career Plan

25 January 2019
In this episode, we look at the idea that we can divide our career into ten-year-long phases, each one building on the last. In our 20s, we prepare for our first success. In our 30s, we achieve our first success. Then, in our 40s, we repeat that first success, in our 50s we help others with their first successes, and in our 60s we enjoy our first success. Of course, it's very common not to be have the chance to line up each phase into our 20s, 30s, 40s, and so on, but whatever your story we'll look at why this is a useful way to look at breaking up our career, and how we can use this technique to build a compelling, and hopefully satisfying story.

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